About the Lessons

  • The majority of Michael’s students have a 30-minute lesson every week.
  • Most people have individual lessons, although there are some exceptions to this. A parent and child, or two siblings, or two friends are welcome to have lessons together.
  • Using software such as Sibelius and Guitar Pro, Michael creates many of his own resources for students. He does still teach from certain method and theory books when appropriate, but students are not required to purchase any specific books prior to commencing lessons.
  • Michael does not believe in one particular method or system of guitar instruction. He believes that learning music is a journey of a highly personal nature, and that every student has unique strengths and weaknesses. Rather than forcing students to adapt to one specific and ‘proven’ method of learning the guitar, Michael strives to adapt to his students. He aims to guide them towards the realisation of their goals, and the fulfillment of their potential. For some, this might mean learning their favorite pop/rock songs. For others, it might mean preparing for exams and following a more traditional approach. Michael takes great pleasure in helping students learn the music they love, no matter what that music may be. He also encourages creativity, and is keen to help students develop their own compositions or songs.

Feel free to call or text Michael for further information – 021 238 3206

Or email him at – wellingtonmusiclessons@gmail.com