About the Lessons


  • Sunny is only interested in teaching classical piano. She prefers to teach advanced students, or people who have previous experience. Sunny is not interested in teaching people who cannot commit to weekly lessons. She is also not willing to take on adult beginners.
  • Sunny requires her students to have a piano at home, as regular practice is essential.
  • Lessons can be 30 minutes or an hour. A full hour is recommended for advanced or mature students.
  • Most people have individual lessons. Students tend to progress much faster if they have individual lessons.
  • Sunny plans her lessons based on the individual needs of the student. She believes that learning music is highly personal, and that every student has unique strengths and weaknesses. Therefore there cannot be one universal method of teaching piano.
  • Sunny creates many of her own resources for students. She does still teach from certain method and theory books when appropriate, but students are not required to purchase any specific books prior to commencing lessons.
  • Sunny’s students have two opportunities to perform in her student concert every year.
  • Sunny is happy to prepare students for grade exams and local competitions, but she does not require them to do so.
  • Sunny is warm and friendly. She is great with children, and enjoys watching their consistent progress.
  • Sunny is a passionate musician and teacher who loves helping people achieve their goals and fulfill their potential.
  • You will get to learn on her 6’9 Kawai Concert Grand.



 Concert Grand 03

Feel free to call or text Sunny for further information – 0211 033 066

Or email her at – wellingtonmusiclessons@gmail.com