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joshie 1-1kj

I’ve been having guitar lessons with Michael for about 6 months now, and my playing has improved heaps. Michael is an amazing guitarist and it is easy to understand the things that he teaches me. He also teaches me the sort of music that I enjoy and like to play, and the lessons are always lots of fun.

Joshie Naylor – 10

I self taught for over a year before I started plateauing and sought lessons with Michael, who put me back on track, corrected bad habits and got me making progress again. He is a source of extensive knowledge and clearly has a passion for teaching and playing the guitar. He is always encouraging, composed and is happy to accommodate your own music tastes and styles. Recommended!

Nick F – University Student

stephanie copy

I had been writing songs for a while despite previously thinking I had no musical ability. I decided to learn an instrument and contacted Michael. I was very lucky in my choice because not only is Michael extremely knowledgeable but he is also a very caring and patient teacher, making me feel I was able to conquer this new adventure easily by simply sticking to it. In the time we have been having lessons Michael has transcribed a song of mine, written music for lyrics of mine, and taught me the basics of reading music as well as enough chords to play a simple version of my first song. I can’t recommend him highly enough for students of all ages and ability.

Stephanie Sinclaire – Painter, Writer, Theatre and Film Maker



My thirteen-year-old son Nathan was a complete beginner and has been able to make good progress through Michael’s teaching, and really enjoys his lessons. Michael is clearly an exceptional musician himself, and is a patient and encouraging teacher. He’s flexible and good at helping Nathan to learn different styles of guitar playing, and also developing his reading and understanding of music generally.

Cathy – Nathan’s Mother




Michael is great. He lets me play cool songs, he is really good at helping me learn a lot of things quickly, and he makes it fun. He is friendly and a good buddy. I really want to be a rock star and I know I can be that with Michael as my teacher.

Ben – 8

Thank you for teaching Antonio guitar. From what I have seen, he started out as a beginning novice, and he is now an emerging musician. You must make the classes interesting, as he is always practising tunes on the guitar. Antonio always seems keen for more. Thanks for Antonio’s positive learning experience.

Nicola Lim – Antonio’s Mother

Michael took on the challenge of teaching me classical guitar. As a 70 year old, with a long past playing experience on rhythm guitar, poor playing habits and slowing fingers, I was asking a lot of him. Michael took a patient, positive and constructive approach to my teaching, based on an assessment of existing skills, and an appreciation of the repertoire I was interested in developing. Teaching sessions took me through a range of well chosen pieces, each designed to develop specific techniques and musical knowledge. Every piece presented new challenges, but incorporated and developed skills he had previously taught me. In addition, the pieces developed my manuscript reading abilities, almost lacking in the first place. I especially liked his focus on the overall “mood” of the piece, the concepts of tempo, stress and “white space”. This helped give me increased interest in, and appreciation of, the piece, and built the desire to master it. I recommend Michael as a tutor to anyone interested in classical guitar.

Dick Bellamy – 70

Feel free to call or text Michael for further information – 021 238 3206

Or email him at – wellingtonmusiclessons@gmail.com