Sunny’s References


To Whom It May Concern,

It is my pleasure to be writing in support of Sunny Cheng, piano teacher from Wellington Music Lessons. Sunny is a brilliantly talented musician, and she is one of the most serious and dedicated piano students I’ve ever taught at the New Zealand School of Music.

I taught Sunny for two years, and it’s really a pleasure for me to have had her in my class. She is an extremely musical person, full of creative ideas and wonderful expressions. Sunny is also a very sweet and gentle person, but at the same time, she’s disciplined and organized. Every week, she put in a great amount of effort into her practice; points I mentioned in the previous lesson were always thoughtfully addressed and improved. It’s really rare to see this amount of focus and determination in a student. I believe that this dedication and love to music will transfer to her teaching as well.

Upon completing the Bachelor of Music at NZSM, Sunny had performed in numerous concerts around the Wellington region, including Palmerston North and NZSM piano showcase concert at the Expressions in Upper Hut. She has also performed at the Emerging Artist Series in Auckland, and performed at various master-classes taught by many world-renowned pianists.

Overall, Sunny is a wonderful musician and a dedicated student. Her enthusiasm and love for music is so strong and evident that it even inspired me as a teacher. I truly believe that all her wonderful traits and characters will transfer into her teaching, and she will set a wonderful example for any young piano students to aspire and follow.


Jian Liu, D.M.A.

Head of Piano Studies, Lecturer in Piano

New Zealand School of Music


Joely Huang

Lessons with Sunny have been absolutely enjoyable. She is the best teacher I’ve had, with over 12 years of learning the piano. I have learnt a lot from Sunny’s lessons, and every lesson I learn something new. Sunny is a great teacher because she uses the simplest way to teach me how to improve my playing and increase my musical knowledge. She always explains every detail to ensure that I understand the concepts behind the music I’m playing.

Joely – 18

My (nearly) six-year-old boy Tommy has been learning piano with Sunny from Wellington Music Lessons since March this year. His older brother and dad have a guitar lesson with Michael (also from WML) at the same time in the other room, and after Tommy’s lesson, his other older brother also has a piano lesson.

I prefer having the lessons in our home as we also have a three year old; it is very difficult to get all three kids to different lessons at other locations. I appreciate having better access to the teachers and being able to discuss the kid’s progress on a weekly basis.

Sunny makes the lessons fun, with colourful drawings and stickers on the music sheets. She is very creative and does a great job maintaining Tommy’s attention. He looks forward to his lessons and takes time to practice most days with a view to pleasing Sunny. Tommy’s favourite things about his piano lessons are learning new songs, having Sunny sing new songs with him, and learning the “letters” (the notes!). Most weeks he gets a new song and he can play them all already.

Lizzie – Tommy’s Mother

Emily Bulls

My 10 year-old-daughter Emily has been studying piano with Sunny since February 2013 and has made huge progress since that time. What Emily likes about Sunny is that she is talented, cheerful, very patient, and corrects her playing in a kind way. As a parent I find that Sunny provides constant feedback about Emily’s playing and communication as a whole is great.

Penny – Emily’s Mother

Dylan Cope

Dylan (6 years old) started his piano lessons with Sunny about six months ago (he was doing group piano lessons in Auckland a year prior).  The one on one classes have proved beneficial to his learning.  In a short period of time he could read music and play simple tunes.  Sunny’s dedication and talent in piano complements his stubborn nature.  Her patience and adaptability helps Dylan to stay focused as well as have fun.  I would recommend Sunny as a piano teacher for children.

Anita – Dylan’s Mother

Casey Huang

The lessons with Sunny are very fun and enjoyable, and I learn new things every lesson – building up new knowledge about music as a whole e.g. its history, techniques and the emotions it gives others. I have learnt how to prepare goals for each practice session, and I write what I need to do at home during my Friday lessons. Sunny gives me an idea of how to play different parts of the piece by showing me different techniques that need to be used for a particular part in the piece. For example, the introduction of the Beethoven piece needs to be played brightly by slightly building up a crescendo. Thank you!!

I would like to also thank you for the tea every Friday…

Casey – 17

The lessons with Sunny are very fun but also at the same time teach me a lot. She gives me new bits of knowledge everyday; for example in terms of colours in the piece, but also theory. She’s a wonderful teacher and I am lucky to have her as my piano teacher.

Janel – 13

Feel free to call or text Sunny for further information – 0211 033 066

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